CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

If you are a Private sector client or larger organisations you can be assured that when you spend your training budget, a proportion of the money will go towards a good cause, namely, the provision of subsidised training for disadvantaged groups and the development of training materials for people with disabilities. This in turn demonstrates your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical business practice.

Our Mission Statement

To create a Social Enterprise that delivers affordable health and safety and first aid training to organisations that work with disadvantaged groups predominantly in East London and to reinvest profits in the development of learning resources for people with disabilities.

The Objects of our company

1. Be a Health and Safety and First Aid training company that has the capability and resources to deliver excellent training for disadvantaged communities including: BAME, ESOL, women’s groups, homeless, unemployed, teenage mums and people with disabilities.

2. Provide low-cost accredited training courses in Health and Safety and First Aid for voluntary and community organisations predominantly in East London.

3. Provide Health and Safety and First Aid training for commercial customers and to employ profits to subsidise training for third sector projects.

4. Develop resources for teaching Health and Safety and First Aid to people with disabilities, including the deaf, who currently have no specialist learning aids and are excluded from gaining life saving qualifications. 

5. Train people from equalities groups to deliver Health and Safety and First Aid training.

A unique feature of Safe for All is that a proportion of the profits are re-invested in the company to subsidise training for disadvantaged groups such as disabled, BAME, ESOL, women’s groups, the homeless, unemployed and under-skilled. Profits are also re-invested to develop First Aid and Health & Safety training resources for people with disabilities, such as, the deaf, and wheel chair users.