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Ergonomics and Workstation assessment

Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for all employees at all levels and in all organisations who spend more that 2 hours a day sat working at a computer. It is best delivered to groups of workers in their own workplace, splitting the day between theory and group work and followed by individual workstation assessment in practice.

What will I learn from this course?

  • Legislation
  • Understanding good posture and eye care
  • Equipment set up and use
    • Chair
    • Desk
    • Footrest
    • Keyboard/mouse
    • Screen
    • General desk arrangements
  • How you can help yourself
  • Laptops – Keep their use brief
  • Minimising stress
  • Regular breaks
  • Relaxation exercices for neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands
  • Checklists while you are at work
  • Practical workstation assessment
  • Adjusting your workstation
  • Advice, treatment and further help

How will I be assessed?
There is no formal assessment the main focus of this course is on providing the knowledge and tools to enable each candidate to return to their own workstation and implement an assessment and make any adjustment necessary. A written evaluation of the findings and any further action required will be provided to the employer.

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